One of the features that we are most excited about our ClassMax Schools platform offering is our new PBIS tracker called MaxPoints.  With MaxPoints, teachers can record behavior, just as they do on the individual teacher accounts.  The difference is that the positive behaviors have been given a points value.

When students decide to “cash in” their MaxPoints, the admin team can add incentives to the behavior screen.  For example, if a school was going to have an ice cream social that cost 20 points, students can cash in their points and attend the event.  On the admin side, reports can be run by event, which provides a roster for the event.

While there is certainly a time and a place for tracking negative student behaviors and their consequences (mostly to cover ourselves as teachers, if I’m honest…), when we begin to put the emphasis of our attention on the positive behavior seen in the classroom, we start to see dramatic improvements in student engagement and participation in class.  And we all know that when students are engaged and participating, they are LEARNING.

While PBIS can’t solve all of our classroom issues, it can certainly curb the majority of them.  And when the PBIS tracking tool is easy and efficient, teachers are more likely to utilize them in class.  That’s what we try to offer with ClassMax – the ability for a teacher to focus on a student’s positive behaviors, with minimal interruption of instructional time and maximum encouragement to a child.

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