Student self-reflection on progress towards mastery is a critical component of individualized, student-centered learning.  Through this process, students are given time and the tools to analyze their progress, reflect on their learning, and plan for future growth.  

But… HOW?  

Use our free resources to guide students through the self-reflection process using ClassMax data.  Simply print student progress reports in class and distribute copies of either of our student-reflection worksheets (or save a tree and share digitally!).  Students then have a clear process to walk through for mastery self-assessment.  

Choose Your Tool

Progress Tracking with ClassMax – This tool helps students see their overall performance by standard using a clear, simple tracking chart to help identify which “Mastery Goals” students should be working to accomplish.


Student Self-Reflection with ClassMax – This tool helps students check in mid-unit to reflect on their progress by standard.  By comparing what scores their teacher observed to their own self-reflection, students are given the opportunity to explain how they can move forward in their learning. 

With ClassMax, teacher observations become an important part of a student’s progress towards mastery.  But it shouldn’t end with the teacher.  Getting students involved in their learning through routine self-reflection puts students at the center of instruction and turns data into a living, breathing roadmap for student success!

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