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A Look Inside ClassMax Schools

In the 2017-2018, we launched ClassMax for individual teacher accounts.  When this became successful, we started having schools asking if there was a way for administrators to access data that their teachers were collecting.  This led to the launch of ClassMax Schools this school year.  With a ClassMax Schools account, all teachers within the school receive a ClassMax account and up to ten administrators receive admin accounts.  Additionally, ClassMax Schools receive additional features such as our PBIS tracker called “MaxPoints,” the ability to share student information between teachers, the ability to assign data to any student in the school, admin access to reporting, and more.

Today, we are going to take a look at the admin platform and a few of the features it offers school administrators.  Let’s start with the administrator dashboard:

A ClassMax School administrator accesses a completely different dashboard than the teachers within the school.  The admin dashboard is designed to be a quick glance at what is happening live within the school.  Let’s take a look at the individual parts of the admin dashboard…

First up is the row of brightly colored boxes at the top of the dashboard.  This is an at-a-glance view of how much data has been collected that day in the school.  As you can see in this screenshot, today this school’s teachers have collected information on standards-based progress 28 times, behavior 42 times, accommodations 56 times, and hall passes 3 times.

The box underneath the header to the right is the live Hall Pass Feed.  This lets any administrator know who is out in the hallways during school.  It shows the student’s name, the teacher who sent them, the place the student is going, and the time they have been gone from class.  Not only is this a security measure for school administrators, but it lets them know at a glance who should be out in the hallways (and maybe who SHOULDN’T!).

At a glance information is critical to a school administrator, but what if they need to know more?  There are several ways the data can be sorted and filtered on the admin dashboard.  First, the administrator can filter by selecting any of the colored boxes at the top of the dashboard.  This generates a filtered list showing all the data collected in that particular element.  Additionally, the administrator may prefer the School Activity Feed, which shows a live feed of what is being recorded in the school.  This School Activity Feed can be sorted using the icons at the top of the feed.

For more detailed, historical information, an administrator would need to access ClassMax Reporting in their left sidebar.  By dropping down this menu, and administrator may choose what types of reports to run based on the needs at that time.  If an ESE coordinator was given an administrator account, they could run accommodations reports from this menu.  If a dean was given an administrator account, they could run behavior reports from this menu.  If instructional coaches were given administrator accounts, they could access teacher data on standards.  The uses of reporting for all types of key entities within a school are wide-ranging.

You will notice that the first report option is for MaxPoints.  Let’s take a few minutes to look at our innovative, digital PBIS tracking system.  To start, we will need to look at the difference between an individual teacher account and a ClassMax Schools teacher account.  For an individual account, teachers can assign positive and negative behaviors, along with consequences.  For a ClassMax Schools teacher account, administrators are able to assign a points value to specific behaviors, which collects as a running points total for students.

When selecting a student and then behaviors, a ClassMax Schools teacher can see a points bank at the top under the student’s name.  This shows how many points they still have to spend, how many points they have already spent, and how many points they have earned collectively all year.

You will also notice that there are blue boxes on the behavior screen for ClassMax Schools teachers.  These are incentives that have been set by the administrators that students can spend their points on.  When these are selected, the points deduct from the student’s total points bank.

With MaxPoints, teachers can assign behavior points to any student in the school, too.  Not just their own students.  They access a school-wide search for students in their left sidebar, under the heading “MaxPoints.”  From here, they type in a student’s name and the list of all students in the school will filter down, allowing them to assign MaxPoints to any student, on the spot.

So, how does an administrator get access to this?  Through their reporting menu.  From the ClassMax reporting menu, administrators can access points assigned and then sort that information by date, behavior, incentive, student, or teacher.

That is a very simple overview of our ClassMax Schools administrator dashboard.  For more information, you can see this video demonstration of the platform.

If you would like to schedule a call to discuss implementing ClassMax Schools at your school, jump on over to our Schools and Districts page and fill out the form at the bottom.  One of our sales reps will be in touch with you shortly.

We have seen great success in schools where ClassMax is utilized regularly across all teachers and we are excited to see what it can do for your school!

Become a ClassMax Ambassador and Earn $ for Your Classroom!

At ClassMax, we pride ourselves on being a teacher-driven product, which is why we are turning to teachers to help us get the word out about our ClassMax Schools platform.

In a ClassMax School, not only do all teacher have accounts, but administrators have accounts, as well.  The administrator dashboard allows an administrator to see exactly what is going on in their school in real time, at a quick glance.  From here, administrators can run reports by standard, teacher, student, date, tracking element – and so much more!

In addition to the administrator dashboard, our ClassMax Schools have a few added features, such as the ability for a teacher to assign information to any student in the school.  This is especially helpful for push-in teachers who work with many different students, in many different classes.

But perhaps our most popular school feature is our PBIS tracking program, MaxPoints.  In a ClassMax School, teachers are able to give positive behavior points to any student in the school, to groups within their own classes, or to their entire class at one time.  These points accumulate into a student bank of credits, which can then be spent on incentives.

If you think that ClassMax Schools would be something your administration would be interested in hearing more about, become a ClassMax Ambassador!  Set up a meeting with your administrator and one of our team members for a quick virtual demonstration of the entire ClassMax Schools platform.  If your school purchases, you receive $500 for classroom supplies as our way of saying thank you for spreading the word!  But we won’t stop there!  For every school you bring on as a ClassMax School, you’ll receive an additional $250 for your classroom.  So, spread the words, teacher friends, and earn some cool stuff for your own classrooms, too!

To schedule a demo for your school, email

Introducing PBIS Tracking with MaxPoints

One of the features that we are most excited about our ClassMax Schools platform offering is our new PBIS tracker called MaxPoints.  With MaxPoints, teachers can record behavior, just as they do on the individual teacher accounts.  The difference is that the positive behaviors have been given a points value.

When students decide to “cash in” their MaxPoints, the admin team can add incentives to the behavior screen.  For example, if a school was going to have an ice cream social that cost 20 points, students can cash in their points and attend the event.  On the admin side, reports can be run by event, which provides a roster for the event.

While there is certainly a time and a place for tracking negative student behaviors and their consequences (mostly to cover ourselves as teachers, if I’m honest…), when we begin to put the emphasis of our attention on the positive behavior seen in the classroom, we start to see dramatic improvements in student engagement and participation in class.  And we all know that when students are engaged and participating, they are LEARNING.

While PBIS can’t solve all of our classroom issues, it can certainly curb the majority of them.  And when the PBIS tracking tool is easy and efficient, teachers are more likely to utilize them in class.  That’s what we try to offer with ClassMax – the ability for a teacher to focus on a student’s positive behaviors, with minimal interruption of instructional time and maximum encouragement to a child.

For more information about our PBIS tracking program or to schedule a demonstration for your school administrators, please email