How does the Hall Pass work?

The Hall Pass feature of ClassMax is designed to replace a sign in/out sheet in your classroom. When a student leaves the classroom, follow these steps:

  • Select the student name from your class period dashboard.
  • Select Hall Pass.
  • Select the destination or add a custom one.  (NOTE:  If you create a custom location, you can select the icon and change the display for that particular destination.)
  • Select Next.
  • Select Start Hall Pass.

While the student is out of the room, there will be an icon at the top of your class period dashboard with their initials.  This lets you know at a glance who is out of your room.  When they student returns, simply select the student icon from the top of your dashboard and then select End Hall Pass.  This information is now recorded into your Hall Pass Report, which can be run by period of time or by individual student.