What is the standards progress feature and how does it work?

The standards feature is the original reason we created ClassMax.  With this feature, you can select the standards you will be teaching throughout the day and then monitor individual students on those standards using our four-point, Marzano-based scale.

At the beginning of your class period, select Standards from the right sidebar menu.  Next, select the standard(s) you will be teaching that day.  

Throughout the class period, as you observe a student performing at a specific level on a standard, select the student’s name from the class period dashboard.  Select Progress and next to the standard you have observed, mark their performance on the scale.  This feature is best used while a teacher monitors students in the classroom and not during direct instruction.  

Teachers may also choose to leave a note here on the performance of the standard they observed.  Both the standard scale and the note will be recorded in the Reporting section of ClassMax.