How do you use notes throughout ClassMax?

There are various places for a teacher to make notes in ClassMax.  The most common place (in my own classroom, at least) will be the notes located inside the student profile.  To get here, select the student icon from the class period dashboard and then select Add Notes.  This is where you can record really any information on a student.  Here are a few examples of how Notes can be used.  

  • CLASSROOM INFORMATION: “Emailed parent re: signed progress report not returned.  No response received.”  
  • BEHAVIOR:  “Emailed parent re: Ringo received a detention today for excessive tardies.”
  • INTERNAL: “Discussed ESE interventions with admin team.  Will be scheduling a parent/teacher conference and requesting to have a speech therapist present.”  
  • TEACHER OBSERVATION:  “Ringo isn’t participating in groups well.  Might think about changing seating assignment.”

Another place where notes will be frequently used will be next to the scale level noted in the Progress area.  These notes might be on what a teacher observed in the classroom when they marked a student at a particular learning level for a standard.  For example, if a student was only marked as a two on the scale instead of a three, I might make a note as to why I gave that marking.