We are so glad you asked! In short, ClassMax is a tool for teachers.  We built ClassMax because we were tired of the ever-growing requests for data tracking in our schools and the time it was taking out of instruction to track all of that data.  We want to focus more time on teaching and less time on tracking!

The Basics

ClassMax tracks three main components in your classroom and a host of other small features to help you throughout your day – standards-based student progress, positive and negative behavior, and student accommodations.  We have created a platform that allows you to track each of these components in three simple clicks!  Once you have collected all of this data, you can view it in simple, easy to read reports.  

The Dashboard

ClassMax is organized into classes and your students in each class show up on the main dashboard.  Here is a snapshot of what the ClassMax dashboard looks like:

You will notice your class periods on the far left side of the dashboard, and all of your easily accessible tools in the main left sidebar.   Your individual students are organized alphabetically by last name and in a few weeks you will also be able to organize the students into seating charts!   Let’s look at a few basic tools next.


The attendance tool allows you to take attendance each day for your class.  You can mark students Tardy, Left Early, and Absent.  These options will change how data is tracked.  For instance, if you assign a whole class note, the absent students will not receive the note for that day.

Whole Class

The ClassMax whole class tool is for tracking the entire class of students in three clicks.  You can assign progress on standards, behavior, accommodations, and notes for your entire class.  For instance, if the entire class is doing well, mark a good behavior for everyone!  Or if they are all struggling with a standard you are teaching, mark all of the students a low score in progress.


One of the main components of ClassMax is standards-based progress tracking.  Use the default common core standards, or upload you own standards to track progress on each student.  Tracking progress is very easy.  Select the standards you are teaching for the day and they will be loaded into the student progress tracker, shown here: